MTGCSA Scholarship Application

Middle Tennessee Golf Course Superintendents Scholarship Application


  1. Must reside in the State of Tennessee, and

  2. Must be engaged in formal education in Turfgrass Management at the collegiate level, and

  3. Must be pursuing a career as a Golf Course Superintendent, and

  4. Must be working on or have worked on the maintence staff of a golf course.

  5. Legacy Candidates. Must have a child of a MAGCSA member and enrolled full-time in a higher education institute. There are no restrictions on course of study.

Rules and Selection Basis

  1. Information submitted will be the sole basis for juding and all data contained on the form will be considered. Answer all questions completely, but concisely, be specific and restrict information to the questions asked.

  2. Applications must be received no later than October 31.

  3. The scholarship is awarded without regard to race, religion, gender or age.


  1. Please aswer to all questions on this application.

  2. In Section III, you will be asked about your experience, your goals and your career plans. If more space is needed, additional pages may be attached.

  3. In Section IV, you will be asked to write an essay. Complete the essay on a separate page and attach it to this applicaiton.

  4. Have your faculty advisor complete a recommendation. This can be uploaded at the time of this application or can be sent separate to [email protected] .

Personal information

Educational Information

Background Information


Essay of 300 words or less describing your reasons for requesting this scholarship and your requirement for and sources of financial support for college expenses.

Recommendation from School Official

The recommendation from the faculty advisor can be uploaded below or emailed separately to [email protected]. Please comment on applicant's academic performance, character, personality and potential.